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All About Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan


Chalk Paint™ is a decorative Paint by Annie Sloan who is a world renowned decorative artist and author. Annie Sloan created Chalk Paint™ 25 years ago and it can now be found in unique, local shops around the world.  It comes in 32 amazing colours that are premixed and ready to use.  All products are available in our shop or through our online shop and yes, we do ship if you can't make it to the shop.

Many years ago, we used to strip or sand and then prime our furniture before we even got started on the actual creative painting part, but approximately 5 years ago, we came across Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and that changed everything!  We can now paint over varathane or old paints without sanding or priming.  It saves us so much time when we are refinishing pieces and it really does stick!  All you have to do is clean your piece and go!  

We are proud to have been chosen by Annie Sloan to carry Chalk Paint™ in our shop.  We would not be selling it if we didn't believe in this product.  We love that Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan can only be found in small local shops run by people who use the product and believe in it.  Each stockist is hand picked and trained in the Annie Sloan method.  You won't find Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan in big box stores. That is because Annie Sloan supports the Shop Local, Buy Local philosophy.  

Annie Sloan wants to be sure that her products are sold by trained professionals who can provide you with the knowledge and support that you need. When you arrive in our shop, you will be greeted by friendly, knowledgable people along with a shop full of creative ideas and pieces painted in Chalk Paint™.  Let your imagination run wild!

Annie Sloan & Michelle in Oxford, England


Here is The Chalk Paint™ Colour Card:

Take note of how it is set up.  To the left of the card are all of the neutrals which include Pure White, Old White, Paris Grey, French Linen and Graphite.   The rest of the card and colours are set up for you on a colour wheel with Red, Blue and Yellow which shows you where that colour sits on the wheel and gives you a good indication of what primary colours are used to create each colour.  As you can see, Red and Yellow creates Orange, Blue and Yellow creates Green and Red and Blue create purple.  This can be helpful when determining what colours to mix to create custom colours.  It's also helpful in choosing complimentary colours which are found opposite each colour on the wheel.  Every single one of the colours can be mixed with Pure White or Old White to create variations to each colour.



Mixing Colours:

Here's an example of a vintage coaster set that we painted with Old Violet.  On each coaster, we added a bit of Old White.  Notice how we have now created an ombre effect on the coasters as the Old Violet gets gradually lighter as more Old White is added each time.

This is a simple and effective way to add more depth and character to your pieces using variations of that one colour to pop out detail or to wash over the colour.  It's also a great look for flat dressers with lots of drawers.  Adding Pure White gives a more modern colour, adding Old White gives a more vintage colour.  


When it comes to mixing colours and how much to mix for your project, we are always telling our workshop participants and customers that it's better to mix more than what you think you will use to be safe.  It's not rocket science, but when you are new to this product, that can seem confusing.  A quart of Chalk Paint™ can go really far, but how far it goes depends on how you paint.  The more you use it, the better you will get! The best thing about Chalk Paint™ is that it is so forgiving.  Often times, as you go along with a project, the piece will speak to you, and your initial vision of the finished product will change as you go along.  That is what makes working with Chalk Paint™ so much fun.  It allows you to be creative, even if you don't think you are a creative person.


Adding decorative features such as decoupage, metallic foils, image transfers, washes, stencils, coloured waxes and such can really take your piece to a whole other level.  


We offer advanced workshops here at Anchique that teach you how to create these finishes and carry many of these products in our shop.  


 Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan isn't just for painting furniture!  Did you know that you can also paint many other surfaces with it?  Here are some examples of what else you can paint with it...

Kitchen Cabinets:

This Kitchen was finished and shared by one of our customers!

Vinyl and Leather:

Metal and Plastic:

Fabrics and Upholstery:


Glass and Ceramics:

Art and Crafts:


Drop by the shop to learn more and to see Chalk Paint™ finishes on site!

We can't wait to meet you!

Stay tuned, we will be talking even more about all of the different surfaces you can cover with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan along with tutorials to help you.  

Our next post will be about painting your kitchen cabinets using Chalk Paint™...












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