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Painting & Staining Kitchen Cabinets using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan


Do you have outdated kitchen cabinets that have good bones?  In other words, they are solid wood, or a quality material that just needs some updating to breathe new life into them?  What's your budget?  Refacing or replacing kitchen cabinets can cost you thousands of dollars.  Having them sprayed with latex or melamine paints can be pricey too.  If you do it yourself with those types of paints, you will need to sand and prime them before you even get to put that first coat on, not to mention the smell of latex curing in your kitchen for weeks.  But, with Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan, all you need to do is give them a good cleaning and start painting.  Chalk Paint™ doesn't smell as it's curing and does not require sanding or priming.  The average kitchen usually uses no more that 3 quarts of paint and 3 cans of wax.  You can paint your kitchen yourself for less than $300.  
Or contact us for a quote and we can do it for you!
Let us share some kitchens that have been finished with Chalk Paint™ starting with some that were finished by our customers.

Debbie shared this project with us.  Take a look at the first photo which is the before.  Outdated cabinets with the wood pulls across them.  Notice how on the after photo she just painted them and they disappeared.  A simple way to update your cabinets!  She used two colours, the bottom cabinets are done in Napoleonic Blue and the top

cabinets are done in Old White.  She also added hardware so that the wood pulls no longer need to be used.    

This next kitchen was finished by our customer Christie. She used Old White over top of an orange stained wood.  She went for a clean modern look and the finished result speaks for itself.  Fresh and modern with a great Cottage Style feel.  Her existing backsplash and countertops remained the same and work perfectly with the new colour.


These next two kitchens were finished by our customer Ednie.  Ednie used Coco and Old White in the first photo and got creative with her cabinets.  In the second photo, she used Old Ochre and Emile.



You can also get creative with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan and use more than one colour, do a wash over a colour and create depth by adding graphite to your first coat of the colour you choose.  You can find samples in our shop to see them for yourself.  

Here are some more photos of cabinets done with various finishes...

Old White Cabinets

Coco over Old White and distressed...

On this cabinet door we used white wax.


This is a custom mix of Coco and Paris Grey.  On our first coat we added Graphite to the mix.  Notice how that gives the cabinet door more depth?  


 Here is a board with Graphite and each of the waxes, clear, white, dark and black.  On the bottom right, we sanded the varathane off of the cabinet and created a stain using Graphite.  Yes, you can stain wood with Chalk Paint™ as well!

 Drop by the shop to talk about your kitchen painting project and we will give you all the advice you need to get it done along with help choosing colours!

Not feeling you have enough skill to do it yourself?  Many people come to one of our workshops and leave ready to get started!  Learn more about our Workshops.  














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